Classic Album Club Records was formed by a broup of doctors working in the UK who share a passion for music.

It started much like a book club, but with no books and no competition to bake the best cake. We sat down, once a week, in front of our computers and listened to an album one of us had chosen whilst (In all honesty) trying to outdo each other with esoteric music facts

When esoteric music facts weren't enough to impress each other, we invited bands to join us to discuss their albums. Vanessa and Tiny from Ultrasound said yes. We had great fun.

We loved the music too, but why no more, we wondered? 

Nest we started chatting to James Mudriczki from Puressence

We get that the big labels have to make money, or go the way of BHS

But we're not in this to make money. We're in this to feed our passion for music and have fun making that happen

So please buy from us, don't just watch the Youtube videos. We're the Farmers Market of the music indusrty. The big guys can keep selling their uniformly shaped vegetables. We want to bring you music which is individual and exciting

The money you spend goes back into creating more individual and inspiring music.

Classic Album Club Records consists of two GPs who want the let the music of our chosen artists out of their heads and onto vinyl and CDs so we music lovers can hear it. Please be patient with us if we don't manage to ship things as Amazon would or reply to emails immediately. We are passionate about this but we are not backed up by support staff and high tech delivery drones (yet!)